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5 Good Work Habits for Making Cosmetics Safely

Here is a quick list of safety tips to keep in mind when creating your cosmetic collection.

  1. Wear a face mask. Even some doubled over t-shirt fabric will work. This will stop you from spreading your product around by accidentally breathing on it. It will help prevent you from touching your mouth and nose and inhaling the powder while working. Wearing a mask, along with other personal protective equipment, also helps keep you from transferring germs and bacteria to the product, ensuring a safe uncontaminated product for yourself, friends and family. (Our masks can be found here)
  2. Wear gloves. Or wash hands well with soap and water before and after working. For many of the same safety reasons as above, in regard to avoiding contamination.
  3. Keep a clean work space. wipe down your work space with alcohol spray or wipes before and after each use. Doing it at the end of work is a great habit. But it’s a great idea to give your space another quick wipe down just before you start to eliminate any dust that may have settled and could end up in the cosmetic product or pan.
  4. Keep clean tools. For the same reason as above, give your general tools a wash in soapy water, rinse, dry straight after use.
  5. Clean your tin pans with alcohol. The pans can be used over and over and over… except if they rust. So, don’t leave them sitting where they can get wet. You can wash the pans in soapy water but be sure to dry thoroughly with a towel rather than leaving them to dry.